Jessica Gualano, CSW

The Wine Studio is the vision of wine educator, Jessica Gualano, who was inspired by wine lovers worldwide to create an engaging space in which to taste and learn about wine!

Jessica has 12 years in the wine industry, beginning as a student in France in 1998. Her passion was born during exploration of the country which took her to some of the most renowned wine regions of the world, including Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy.

Jessica's love affair with wine continued stateside, where she has served as restaurant wine director, wine sales distributor, private wine consultant and wine educator. Jessica always tells wine lovers that she’s not here to tell them what to taste or smell - that part is subjective - but she is here to facilitate an experience, to help wine lovers have a better experience with what’s in their glass.

In 2007, a move to Asheville, North Carolina provided Jessica with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with wine lovers and realize her ultimate goal of making wine more approachable, more engaging and ultimately more delicious! She started Asheville Wine Consulting, and began offering public wine classes and private wine tastings throughout Western North Carolina. Jessica brought the wine tasting experience to people’s homes and businesses in a whole new way. Girls on Grapes was started a year later, a classroom-style women’s wine tasting group that features monthly tastings and now serves over 100 ladies a month!